Virtual Primary Care

Integrated Musculoskeletal Care

Our integrated approach to chronic pain provides relief for your employees when they need it most. Less pain equals lowered costs by giving simple access to complete joint and muscle care.

A virtual approach built around your employees

Your employees get access to a comprehensive virtual program with dedicated Licensed Physical Therapists to help you manage and prevent pain across 18 body parts. Our therapists focus on supporting them every step of the way so they can get back to living a pain-free life.

Trusted care by a dedicated team

A multidisciplinary care team surrounds your employees to ensure they meet the members’ needs. They will establish a continuous relationship with a Licensed Physical Therapist virtually, beginning from the first 30–45-minute comprehensive visit and extending to every visit after that, as much as the member needs.

Why partner with Lyric

Lyric is the first line of defense for musculoskeletal disorders and related behavioral health challenges. We believe in deploying evidence-based exercise therapy and applicable behavioral health interventions before other invasive and expensive treatments are necessary.

Lyric uses a proprietary, intelligent, self-guided digital exercise therapy platform. It surrounds you with a comprehensive Care Team of coaches, physical therapists, mental health providers, and doctors to ensure the best possible outcomes: fewer barriers, less hassle, and better results.