Virtual Primary Care

Care Navigation

Simplifying and personalizing your healthcare experience

Our CARE Team assists with locating healthcare providers within your network, obtaining second opinions, and accessing tools that offer transparency regarding treatment expenses and quality ratings.

Navigating healthcare takes a human touch, data-driven health insights, and engaging technology.


Personalized Support

Help to find in-network providers, get second opinions, and access transparency tools for treatment costs and quality ratings.


Explanation of Benefits

General plan questions, out-of-pocket costs, understanding Rx benefits, and clarifying covered services.


Concierge Level Solutions

Peace of mind and lower plan costs with Medical Bill Reviews, Appeals, Fee Negotiation, and our unique Rx cost-saving programs.

How does Lyric empower its clients?

Why our Integrated solution helps you navigate your health

The conventional healthcare system generates significant revenue from claims, regardless of the essentiality of the treatments involved. Studies indicate that approximately 20% of medical care is deemed unnecessary. In contrast, our care navigation relies on evidence-based medicine, unparalleled proprietary systems, and software to make intelligent decisions regarding patients’ required care. This approach aims to enhance health outcomes and minimize avoidable claims by focusing on the appropriate utilization of healthcare resources.

Promote Wellness and Prevention

Our focus is on fostering the well-being of our members by providing healthcare services that prioritize individuals' health, ensuring their safety, and advocating for overall wellness.

Empowered By Technology

At the core of our service lies our exclusive technology, which empowers our assessments and ensures that care team guides every care recommendation, ensuring comprehensive and informed healthcare decisions.

Early Intervention at the Claim Stage

Our services are accessible nationwide 24/7/365, allowing for prompt and convenient access to care. Through early intervention, members can swiftly address health incidents, ensuring they are promptly resolved and set on the right track.

Offer Convenient Virtual Care

Through our virtual telehealth services, we provide a hassle-free healthcare experience. The majority of health concerns can be addressed without the need to travel elsewhere for care, as we offer convenient virtual treatment.

Prompt Referrals to Care Providers

In cases where referrals are required, we facilitate the process of accessing the right healthcare network, ensuring timely and effective services for individuals' specific needs.

Maintain Neutrality and Transparency

Our services are designed to accommodate all care plans. We prioritize remaining unbiased and transparent, as our business model is not dependent on insurance claims.

Successfully navigating the healthcare system necessitates a combination of personalized guidance, data-driven health insights, and interactive technology.

Lyric paves the way for a fresh approach to healthcare by skillfully guiding individuals through its complex landscape. Our commitment to achieving favorable outcomes stems from the integration of innovative services, a devoted staff, and our exclusive systems and software. We deliver health navigation through workplace and construction employee clinics, telehealth solutions such as injury and illness triage, safety services, and health security measures.

How Virtual Healthcare Works

Schedule Consultation

Call, Click, or Tap to schedule your consultation

Talk to a Provider

A doctor will call you directly or join on video from the website our app

Access your Treatment Plan

See your diagnoses, prescriptions, and doctors’ notes as directed

Feel Better

Stay healthier! Use the app to keep track of your personal health records anytime from anywhere