Virtual Primary Care

Lyric LEAN
GLP-1 Weight Loss

Lyric Learn Guided Steps to Lasting Weight Loss Program

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RX Cost Savings

Through judicious medication selection and dosage optimization, Lyric Lean can mitigate unnecessary expenses and ensure the efficient allocation of medications through appropriate prescribing.

Direct Medical Claims Savings

Through our effective virtual first ecosystem, Lyric Lean can be more cost-effective in reducing medical claims, addressing the root causes, and implementing preventive measures, allowing us to mitigate claims proactively.

Indirect Cost Savings

Realizing savings in indirect costs such as disability claims, workers’ compensation, and productivity are key indicators of the indirect cost benefits derived from strategic interventions using the Lyric Lean weight loss management program.

How It Works In 4 Easy Steps

Chances are that your employees have embarked on numerous weight loss journeys and are experiencing the familiar cycle of weight fluctuations. Lyric Learn makes the proper weight loss medication available to your employees without exposing employees and employers to out-of-control costs. Lyric Learn establishes the threshold to ensure the appropriate treatment for everyone.

Request Consultation

Members access the Lyric Learn program from their member dashboard to request their consultation.

Consultation and Medical Review

Complete the medical questionnaire and review the qualification and lab process for approval.

Rx Approval Process

After consultation and approved labs are completed by the members, Rx is submitted for final approval.

Program Begins

Members will receive their medications through our prescription delivery program and will begin their requirement maintenance steps as they seamlessly work towards their weight loss success.

Provide Members with Access to Complete Weight Loss CARE

Virtual First Care

Our virtual first approach reduces the barrier to entry, for those suffering in silence with the shame of weight loss issues. We deliver innovative solutions enabling members access to the care they need in the privacy of their homes.