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Telehealth Partnership

Partner with a telehealth company who can scale alongside of you.

Partnership with Lyric represents a unique opportunity to leverage our cutting-edge virtual care technology and innovative solutions, paving the way for enhanced patient care and improved outcomes.

By joining forces with Lyric Health, organizations can unlock new avenues for collaboration, drive operational efficiencies, and stay at the forefront of the evolving healthcare landscape.

Why Choose Lyric Health as your Partner?

Partner with Lyric as your virtual provider to tap into our extensive network of healthcare professionals, customizable virtual first solutions, and proactive approach to member engagement

Over 6 Million Members and Growing

More than 6 million members place their trust in Lyric to provide them with CARE when they need it most

58% Repeat Users

Lyric showcases the growing trust and satisfaction with our award-winning services with high member retention and repeat users

Over $150M+ in Claims Savings

Convenient accessible care that mitigates risk, reduces healthcare expenses, and delivers favorable outcomes

Outstanding Providers = Exceptional Service

Best-in-class member satisfaction ranked by JD Powers 3 years in row in their Telehealth Satisfaction Survey

Streamlined Group Implementation

Lyric offers unparalleled speed and agility, with a setup process designed for simplicity, allowing organizations to seamlessly transition

Customized Engagement Strategies

Throughout the year, seasonal and topical collateral are sent to members and customized to group population and demographics

Tap into one of the FASTEST Growing Segments in Healthcare

Telehealth is a rapidly evolving market with a growing convergence among healthcare services and cloud-based technology. The combination of these industries creates a natural economic business model known as Telehealth that will be highly profitable today and in the coming years.

Why Partner with Lyric?

  1. White Label Platform – Your Brand, our Engine
  2. Advanced API Technology – Create your own Desktop or Mobile Application
  3. Target the 50 Million Hispanics in U.S. with a complete Spanish experience
  4. Simplified Group Implementation – 
    Simple Business Enrollment
  5. Custom Reporting – Utilization by Group Level
  6. Customized Marketing Collateral 

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