Third Party Administrators

Optimizing cost-efficiency for TPA's

Mitigate Claims Risk

Our primary objective is to guide our members in making informed healthcare decisions, ensuring they receive high-quality care at reasonable market prices. To facilitate this, we provide transparent pricing information alongside every procedure recommendation, empowering our members to compare and choose healthcare options actively.

Our integrated telehealth solution effectively reduces the frequency of emergency room and urgent care facility visits. Collectively, these comprehensive offerings contribute to managing claims risk and enhancing overall cost efficiency for our members.

More than 70 percent of healthcare providers use telehealth or telemedicine to connect with patients in inpatient and ambulatory settings.

Manage claims risk

Lyric has emerged as a crucial healthcare cost containment tool, seamlessly integrated into a comprehensive portfolio of group employee benefits.

By partnering with Lyric, organizations can effectively minimize office co-pays for employees and reduce claims costs associated with the employer’s group healthcare plan.

A study conducted among 17,000 Lyric participants revealed remarkable outcomes:

  1. 30% decrease in hospital admissions 
  2. 60% reduction in doctor visits.
  3. 45% savings by reducing unnecessary doctor and emergency room visits.

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