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MyTelemedicine Rolls Out New Enhanced Telemedicine APIs Designed Specifically for the Growing Digital Healthcare Industry

MyTelemedicine, a leader in the telemedicine technology market, announced the release of its enhanced APIs for developers globally. The APIs will enable developers to deploy a telemedicine offering into their current applications, using REST APIs.

MCKINNEY, Texas, Aug. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Telemedicine technology platform and nationwide service provider MyTelemedicine has announced the release of its latest API enhancements.  The newly launched API is integrated with the MyTelemedicine National Network of Physicians and includes a library of over 600 API endpoints across 15 roles.  These enhancements are specifically designed to allow development teams to implement a highly customizable integration in any technology stack in as little as 1-2 weeks.  The company also plans on expanding the features of the API as the market continues to evolve. 

Telemedicine API
Telemedicine API

The APIs can be used to integrate with web and mobile applications, IoT devices and wearable technology.  The release includes a number of capabilities such as:

  • Multi-party Video E-visit: Developers can enable video consultation sessions between 3 or more participants in both a picture-in-picture and conferencing format
  • Real-time Eligibility: Enables developers to Signup, Update, Disenroll and Re-enroll members in real-time and at a future date. Perfect for remote registration and census management platforms.
  • Deep Integrated EMR:  Members can be provided the options to update critical pieces of their medical records such as Allergies and Current Medications. These are in turn deeply integrated with the MyTelemedicine E-Prescribing platform for drug-to-allergen and drug-to-drug interaction verification.

APIs are lightweight programming interfaces used to join software applications with services. MyTelemedicine’s newly-released, beefed up APIs adhere to strict healthcare and privacy guidelines, allowing healthcare providers with the ability to securely connect with patients in real time without the need for an inconvenient in-office visit.

The use of telemedicine saves providers time and money while allowing them to help more patients than ever before.  Access to online healthcare means that patients in remote areas of the country now have access to general practitioners, specialists, mental health services, group therapy, fitness and nutrition counseling, pain management, pre and post-op consultations, and more.

My Telemedicine CEO, Rey Colon, is excited by the number of healthcare professionals and consumers these new APIs will reach. With an industry-leading infrastructure, SANS-driven security practices and HIPAA-compliant encryption, physicians and their patients can feel secure in their video, message or voice communications. Additionally, providers will have access to consultative and development support, service delivery, and service agreements that will enable the custom creation of secure, compliant, effective and flexible patient solutions.

Today’s increasingly digital world has healthcare providers looking to emerging technologies that will augment their services in order to meet the changing communication needs and desires of their patients. Research shows that in less than four years, up to 60% of the US population will be able to access their comprehensive health data using the technology of their preference.

For more information about the new Telemedicine APIs visit

About Us: MyTelemedicine is a Digital Healthcare Technology company that developed a proprietary, HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform built in the IBM Cloud that allows healthcare providers to consult with patients remotely. Our Advanced API technology allows third parties to integrate and offer a customized telemedicine experience to support their brand identity. Physicians can perform on-demand consultations with members anywhere via telephone and video technology. Patients receive advice, recommendations, and a diagnosis, which may include a prescription for common illnesses. For more information please visit

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