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MyTelemedicine Launches New Telehealth Virtual Care Platform Zeally

Healthcare providers can now connect with their patients by secure video using cloud-based telehealth solution powered by MyTelemedicine.

MCKINNEY, Texas, May 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As doctors search for ways to serve patients effectively while people are encouraged to stay home and prevent the spread of Covid-19, the newly launched Zeally Health (Zeally) virtual care platform offers a much-needed solution. Powered by MyTelemedicine, Zeally allows healthcare providers, small practices, and hospitals to deploy a telehealth solution, so doctors can connect with patients for virtual consultations anytime and anywhere via video or phone. 

Zeally Virtual Care Platform
Zeally Virtual Care Platform

In a recent press briefing, The CDC and Health Officials’ touted the benefits of telehealth to help “flatten the curve” by reducing the need for patients to schedule in-office consultations or make unnecessary trips to the emergency rooms. Medical providers now can leverage the growing trend and rapidly deploy a telehealth option using Zeally’s self-provisioning, cloud-based technology. The software as a service (SaaS) lets doctors consult with a patient in a HIPAA/HITECH-compliant environment via video or phone, and can be licensed to an individual provider, practice, physician group or hospital.

“As we learned with the Covid-19 outbreak, the demand on the healthcare system can change literally overnight. We want to ensure that people can get the medical attention they need 24/7, no matter where they live,” says Rey Colon, founder and CEO of MyTelemedicine, the software engine behind Zeally Health.  

MyTelemedicine, the parent company of Zeally Health LLC, is a leader in the telehealth vertical and has been servicing patients since 2015. Since its launch, the company’s virtual care platform has helped nearly 2 million patients and facilitated more than 125,000 virtual consultations nationwide. Although MyTelemedicine originally launched as a telehealth service for employers to provide their workforce affordable access to U.S.-licensed doctors, the sudden, urgent need for remote consultations in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak accelerated the company’s efforts to roll out a SaaS solution. Recent legislative changes that let practitioners be reimbursed by insurance carriers for telemedicine consultations also have made adding telehealth services more appealing to doctors, clinics, and hospital systems.

Healthcare providers who license Zeally can begin offering virtual consultations immediately after uploading their patient and practitioner data into the system. The cloud-based platform uses state-of-the-art encryption technology, so doctors can log in whether working at their office or from home supporting initiatives to self-quarantine. Patients, likewise, can log in online or via the Access a Doctor mobile app to manage their personal medical records and connect with their doctor in a secure environment. The end-to-end virtual care solution is both HIPAA and HITECH compliant and includes patient scheduling and management tools for practitioners, as well as an integrated e-commerce payment system and electronic prescribing.

“We offer a range of customized integration options that let hospitals, clinics, and group practices seamlessly deploy telehealth services into their existing online and mobile platforms,” says MyTelemedicine’s Chief Security Officer, Alex Trican. In addition, the ability to provide virtual examinations on demand through Zeally can help providers triage patients more efficiently, routing them to the appropriate level of care. Patients with non-urgent matters can receive a diagnosis without having to visit the emergency room or medical clinic, while those requiring further treatment can be scheduled for in-person care.  

About Zeally
Zeally Health is an enterprise-level Telehealth Virtual Care Platform that provides healthcare providers with a turn-key cloud-based technology that allows them the ability of connecting with their patient population via secure video.  Zeally’s robust enterprise technology can be deployed in any clinical environment to include individual providers, small-to-medium size practices and complex hospital systems. Zeally Health, LLC. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MyTelemedicine, Inc.

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About MyTelemedicine
MyTelemedicine developed a proprietary, HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform lets healthcare providers consult with patients remotely. The digital healthcare technology company’s advanced API technology allows third parties to integrate and offer a customized telemedicine experience to support their brand identity. Physicians can perform on-demand consultations with members anywhere via telephone and video technology. Patients get advice, recommendations, and a diagnosis, which may include a prescription for common illnesses. For more information please visit

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