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MyTelemedicine Expands Remote Health Care Solutions with Roll-Out of Virtual Primary Care and Integrated Behavioral Health

MCKINNEY, Texas, Sept. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Expanding on its industry-leading full-stack virtual care platform that connect users with U.S. licensed practitioners for expert guidance and medical treatment, MyTelemedicine is excited to announce the expansion of services to now offer virtual primary care and integrated behavioral health for members nationwide.

Virtual Care Platform
Virtual Care Platform

“Our foundational telemedicine services fill a vital need by empowering patients to connect by phone or video with licensed doctors for non-emergency issues. But the original model is geared toward diagnosing and treating common acute illnesses as they arise,” notes Rey Colon, founder and CEO of MyTelemedicine. “Our new Virtual Primary Care services build on this foundation by letting users select a provider to be their primary care physician to monitor ongoing health concerns, order labs, medication management, as well as address preventative health care strategies,” he says.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic created a sudden surge in the use of telemedicine services nationwide. Telehealth visits soared, with daily, non-urgent telemedicine consultations increasing 4,000 percent in the first quarter of 2020, according to the Journal of American Informatics Association. The dramatic increase in consumer and provider awareness and adoption of the remote care model has since led to a sea change in how health care services are delivered.

Virtual medical consultations not only save patient’s time and money by reducing costly and unnecessary office or emergency room visits, but also broaden access to affordable care for people who need it most. The MyTelemedicine platform makes it easier for individuals in rural communities to see a licensed doctor, and for those who are too ill to connect with a health care practitioner without putting themselves or others at risk.

In addition to virtual primary care, MyTelemedicine also is fighting back at the country’s mounting mental health crisis with the expansion of its behavioral health services. MyTelemedicine members and their dependents can initiate on-demand consultation with a licensed counselor for crisis management or schedule a phone or video session with a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist, based on the individual’s needs.

“Even before the pandemic, the prevalence of mental illness in our country has been steadily increasing, and now affects one in four adults,” notes Dr. Jeff Gardere, who recently joined MyTelemedicine, better known as “America’s Psychologist”. Dr. Gardere is one of the most widely sought-after experts in the field of mental health and brings compassionate expertise in psychological wellness and crisis management intervention to MyTelemedicine’s behavioral health services. “One-on-one mental health counseling can be hugely beneficial for anyone dealing with a short-term crisis and give them the tools to process their emotions or navigate change in a positive way,” he says.

The new behavioral health services offering expands on MyTelemedicine’s existing counseling services, which gives members access to master-level therapists from the comfort and privacy of their own home. Therapists are available around the clock, with many offering appointments evenings and weekends, making it easier for patients to continue their treatment. “Several recent studies have shown that online counseling is just as effective as in-person counseling,” notes CEO Rey Colon. “We encourage our members who are dealing with difficult emotional issues to talk with a master-level therapist, or to schedule a session with a psychologist or psychiatrist through our mobile app Access a Doctor, so they can enjoy sound mental health as well as physical wellness.”

Both virtual primary care and expanded behavioral health services are aligned with MyTelemedicine’s mission of improving healthcare access through user-friendly, member-focused technologies that connect patients with trusted health care providers anywhere in the country. Says Colon, “We are always anticipating the growing needs of our members and creating new solutions to provide exceptional remote care for the patients we serve.”

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MyTelemedicine is a digital health care technology company that built around a full-stack HIPAA-compliant virtual care platform to let healthcare providers consult with patients remotely. MyTelemedicine’s advanced API technology allows third parties to integrate and offer a customized telemedicine experience to support their brand identity. Physicians can perform on-demand consultations with members anywhere via telephone and video technology. Patients receive advice, recommendations, and a diagnosis, which may include a prescription. More than 4 million members have used the MyTelemedicine platform through their Brands MyTelemedicine, Access a Doctor, GoLexi Pet Telehealth and Zeally Health brands. For more information, visit

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