Help reduce your client's healthcare costs

Lyric reduces claims costs while providing CARE your employees will love.

Connect with a Consultant

Administration Tools That Benefit Your Company

All-in-One Benefit Platform

Connect, integrate, and evolve with all your health and benefits vendors.

Create a Culture of Health

Improve employee well-being by providing convenient healthcare options.

Deep, Engaging Integrations

Easily access data and resources to provide ongoing education and engagement for your employees

All-in-One Administration

Help with vendor management, census upload, account management, and reporting.


Keeping your employees healthier that’s our mission

When your clients ask why Lyric Health, tell them how virtual care can significantly reduce claims, reduced sick days, increased productivity, and improved morale.

From the app, users can talk to a doctor 24/7 by phone or video, shop prescription costs, find pharmacies nearby, access medical experts, and so much more.

Multiple Cost-Savings

Improving access

Round-the-clock access to our National network of licensed board-certified physicians and behavioral health professionals.

Reduction in cost

Lyric can treat over 85% of common conditions typically seen in an ER room, eliminating unnecessary costs.

Reduce absenteeism

No more missing work to go to the doctor. Employees can easily consult with a Doctor anytime, day or night.

Preventive care

Employees become more aware of current conditions, empowering them to be more proactive with their health.


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Get instant access to integrated virtual care designed
to treat the complete you.