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Based on National Averages:

  • 8% Suffer with untreated chronic illnesses
  • 18% Face mental health challenges
  • 60% Lack access to a Primary Care Provider (PCP)

Traditional doctor visits can be costly, but Lyric can save you thousands by reducing and replacing these visits with high-quality virtual care.

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Emergency room visits can be costly. Virtual Care can help save on non-emergencies.

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A single traditional visit can take hours out of a work day.

Don’t let 30 minute appointments take 4 hours. Switch to Lyric and reclaim weeks of lost productivity and wages!

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As an employer, your coverage extends beyond employees to include dependents, likely encompassing up to…

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Here’s How These Statistics Affect Your Employees…

Face untreated Chronic Illness
Suffer with a Mental Health condition
Do not have a Primary Care Physician

Estimated Savings with Virtual Urgent & Primary Care

Your Company's Avg. Annual Doctor Visits
National avg. for avoidable Traditional visits
Your Company's estimated avoidable visits annually
% of visits Lyric can eliminate
Your company's reduced visits anually
(@42% utilization)
National avg. cost per Traditional Doctor Visit


Savings on Avoidable ER Visits

Avg. # of Annual ER Visits
Avg. % of ER visits that could be addressed virtually
# of Unessesary Visits
% of visits Lyric can eliminate
Annual reduction of ER visits
(@42% utilization)
National avg. cost per ER Visit


Hours of productivity lost
to avoidable Doctors visits



Avg. Workdays Reclaimed

Avg. Hourly Wages Saved

Annual Benefits Dollars Saved

Annual Productivity Saved

Annual Virtual Care ROI

Lyric’s ROI grants your company an extra contribution to your healthcare fund.